“Wakefield no knickers drunk”

Why do people visit http://www.craptownsreturns.com? Google reveals all! Search terms used so far include:
Wakefield no knickers drunk

no nickers wakefield

Why is Medway so crap

what can you do in the barren waste land that is kilmarnock

medway towns rough

Newquay girls topless

dayna newquay girl topless

who knocked down pontefract castle

does a member of fivestar live in camberley

sunshine medway

johnnys fun factory

What chain restaurants are in medway

two dead end railway station bradford

glastonbury town wankers

banbury paedophile

new age bollocks

medway girls pose naked

1960s new town architecture

borstal village centre pictures

newark is an anagram of wanker

drunk girls with no knickers on

is bacup racist

worst place in nuneaton

how to find cock in brighton

fun zone robot billboard

is southampton the most depressing place in the world

Conclusion: The internet is quite a strange place…. Anyway, welcome everyone. If you have an interest in crap towns rather than drunk girls with no undergarments,please do leave us a comment!

One Response to “Wakefield no knickers drunk”

  1. Arthur Rolly says:

    is southampton the most depressing place in the world

    No, that’s Maryport, in Cumbria

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