Less crap?

This time around we’re hoping to increase the positivity by listing some of the ways towns formerly nominated as crap have improved over the past ten years… And indeed, by eating our words if anyone thinks we got things wrong last time around.

If you have something nice to say, please feel free to let us know! Comment below or email into: CrapTownsSam-2013@yahoo.co.uk

In the meantime, here’s a piece Sam wrote about Morecambe, where the future is looking much brighter.

4 Responses to Less crap?

  1. On Medway, please note this is not in any sense a town. We are a unitary authority, meaning we are a bit like kent. so be specific if we make it in. Something about these little estuary towns feels clandestine, there is a murky drama, an undeniable level of threat in parts, but also a lack of pretenciousness that is engaging. also you stumble across hidden things here that make it tolerable. If we had a glut of greatness we would not appreciate the twinkles of light we fleetingly see here.

  2. lista de righteous says:

    Under the ConDems? I don’t think so. Everything has got far, far worse. Unless you’re filthy rich. (Emphasis on filhty)

  3. caz says:

    For goodness sake, if you are going to slate Crawley at least use pictures that aren’t 10 years out of date! That kiosk was replaced by a block of shops and a gym a long time ago! Crawley may not be perfect and certainly needs some rethinking in certain areas but it’s not a “Crap Town”. We have some excellent facilities, clubs, groups and schools. Businesses still choose to be based here and if people stop describing it as a crap place they will see it has lots in it’s favour! There are MUCH worse places to live and bring up children and the estates here that once were classed as not at all nice have seen massive improvements over the last five years (sadly some of the “nice” areas do seem to have deteriorated some). If the people that think our town is so bad don’t like it, they can move away and leave it to those of us that would like to help make it somewhere to be truly proud of!

  4. Nicola Purkiss says:

    May I just say that I have just heard that you are going to list Portsmouth as a “crap ” place to live….I would like to know if you have ever bothered to visit or are you just finding something to moan about?

    I have lived in Portsmouth y whole life and I am proud to say that I live in a nice neighborhood,my children are reaching A’s in their exams and both my husband and I have good jobs.

    We have a great Waterfront, the Gunwharf Quays, The Historical Dockyard ….need I continue…

    Maybe you should spend some time travelling and less time hidden behind a laptop!

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