Wall Of Shame



Mountain of Rubbish - Southampton



These come courtesy of Kingnotail, who writes:

The first is from the recent bin strike, which lasted for at least half of 2011 and almost caused the town to be completely consumed by the endless, festering waste.

Second is of Wyndham Court, a hideous 60s concrete monstrosity which is the first in a long line of misery you encounter upon leaving Southampton Central station.
Lastly is the large scrap metal dump at Southampton docks, easily visible to from the Cruise ship terminal. For some reason, this has an occasional tendency to set on fire, clouding the whole city in acrid (and no doubt toxic) smoke – usually takes days to put out.






Yes, it’s Hackney:


This picture comes courtesy of Kathryn Bromwich. Find more from her at http://stuffwhitebritslike.co.uk

And now, some advice from peterdrinks on Twitter:

“Don’t forget everyone, the fabulous St Helens Christmas market is now open!”






Nuneaton special!

The above pictures come thanks to Adam Steiner.

You can find him here: www.herecomeseveryone.me

And on Twitter: @HereComesEvery1

I went to Leamington Spa not long ago. Guess what? It was crap.

I’m calling that last one the bridge of groans…

Any information you can supply about Leamington will be gratefully received. It’s kind of an estate agent’s spiritual home, isn’t it?

Down the tube

The thing I most love about London is that everyone there looks so happy all the time.

Bradford special

Can someone tell me why they thought Yorkshire needed another massive puddle?

These images all came courtesy of Eloise O’Hare. There are dozens more where they came from. Poor Bradford! I think it’s going to win. Or lose. Depending on how you look at it.

Princess Diana Tribute Special!

A Princess Diana tribute special!

Special thanks to Naomi A for that one! Expect many more Croydon billboards in the book…


Fnarr. Fnarr.

The “picture of the day” page is here to give the best (worst?) examples of urban decay and decline a moment in the spotlight before they migrate to the Wall Of Shame.

If you have any images you’d like to see here, email CrapTownsSam-2013@yahoo.co.uk

Continuing the jubilee theme.The above photo comes courtesy of Andy W, who writes:I saw this in a village near Stonehenge, I was there for the summer gathering of police and the mentally ill.It was raining and on the van radio was a man pretending he didn’t care that he couldn’t see the sunrise.It was rubbish, I was enjoying a chocolate milk.
Jubilee fever! Photo courtesy of Linda Grant


Spotted in the City Of London. Oh the irony…

Sad robot

And here’s the rest of the building. No wonder the poor robot looks glum…

No fun zone

If you have any images you’d like to see here, email CrapTownsSam-2013@yahoo.co.uk

4 Responses to Wall Of Shame

  1. K.R Barker says:

    Southend Quantock Flats…on fire.

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