An old classic, from the vaults! So good, and about such a bad, so frequently mentioned town, it just had to be brought back….

Scarred for life

Slumbering malevolently beneath one of the many industrial slag heaps that scar the area, Broxburn’s main distinguishing features are religious bigotry, alcoholism, drug guzzling (previously solvents and lighter fluid, now cannabis and ecstasy), sixties housing schemes and ned culture. The loss of the major local industries (car manufacture, steel, mining, others too numerous to mention) and their replacement by jobs at the low end of the service/electronics industries tore the heart out of the town. And the soul. And the gonads.

The town’s social life – which was badly hit by the closure of the last remaining public toilet in 1991 – is mainly concerned with fighting, drinking, smoking dope and hanging around the main street from 8.00 pm onwards. There the distractions include frightening little old ladies, shouting abuse at women on their own, being sick into litter bins and, occasionally, being picked up by the police.

Ross McBurnie



Graham Macindoe

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