Autocomplete map of the UK

This post from buzzfeed is hilarious.

What do people most often ask about when they google British towns? How crap they are, of course.


Yes, Brighton is crap. I’m rather confused by that Stafford entry, however…

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9 Responses to Autocomplete map of the UK

  1. roscola says:

    “Carlisle is sick fanfiction” 😯

  2. Charlotte says:

    Favourite has to be Worcester though, whatever that means.

  3. Steerforth says:

    The ‘Lewes is racist’ probably comes from a Sunday Times Magazine article by David James Smith, which claimed that the town is a hotbed of racism because it has four BNP members. FOUR. Not exactly Kristallnacht, is it.

  4. Steerforth says:

    In fairness, I should add that there was a little more evidence – all anecdotal – but it still seemed a strange claim given Lewes’s high quota of North London bien pensants. They don’t call it ‘Islington-on-the-Downs’ for nothing.

  5. samjordison says:

    Four is quite a few for a small town…

  6. I’d like to think Reading is fundamental. But I suspect its the verb to read. However, I’m down with that.

  7. Charlie West says:

    The Earl of Stafford, Thomas Wentworth, was a major figure in the run to the English Civil War. He was a supporter of Charles and Lord Deputy of Ireland. Most famously, Charles signed his death warrant in an attempt to appease parliament after they failed to impeach Stafford. Therefore, Stafford is a man.

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