Cover story

Crap Towns Returns cover

How do you like that?

This book is really happening. Thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed so far.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to slip your town onto the list… A few are set in stone. A few are still live… And there’s always room to expand existing entries. So keep on nominating. (Plus – hey! – there’s always next time.)

Also! Let’s have a competition! I’ll sign a copy of the first edition of Crap Towns and send it to the first person to recognise the town in that lovely photo on the cover. Just leave a comment below – with your email details and I’ll get back to you if you get it right.


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One Response to Cover story

  1. K.R Barker says:

    Southend-On-Sea is now definitely not the place to be. In 25 years the councils have ripped most the the soul from it & there is very little left.
    Long gone are Keddies great store & the Greyhound Stadium & replaced with the usual retail crap.
    Going is Southend United F.C’s Roots Hall ground soon to be replaced with a yet another bland Sainsburys.
    Stained is the skyline by the university’s bright lego building “halls of residence”.
    The town is now flooded with East London rejects & Eastern Europeans,the crime rate has soared in Southend & its neighbouring towns.
    Recently the York Road area upped its reputation & had its first daylight shooting.
    For a real intimidating place though the Kursaal Estate (renamed The Woodgrange Estate) has it all,fights,drugs,death,assaults,more deaths,rats & prostitution.
    Everyone in Southend now has some sort of chip on there shoulder & the small amount of good locals are priced out of moving,trapped in a daily battle of surrounding concrete estates & hate.
    Take a walk down Southend High Street these days & you might just get assaulted,mugged & beaten or if you get of lightly you may just see the seven year old twins outside McDonalds still celebrating there birthday by snarling & branding each other “C***s”.
    Is it Southend anymore or South Bronx? One things for sure,it is & will get even worse.

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