The ghost of Crap past

Here’s a fascinating video about the mistakes of the past that still haunt us today:

Hulme. Not nice. The guy with the lovely 70s baldinglonghair and beard combo seems almost overawed by the: “tremendous amount of theft.” He also nails the problem: “No sense of belonging. No sense of ownership.” This is what happens when you take away dignity and having a stake in your surroundings… Tragically, the solution mooted at the end of the segment was destined to make things even worse…

Bath crescent in the sky! How the fuck did that ever get built?

(Thanks to @gavingjamesbower for passing this film on.)

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4 Responses to The ghost of Crap past

  1. Steerforth says:

    The people who thought that these flats were a good idea were either complete fuckwits or cynical bastards. This film is a reminder that beyond its humorous facade, ‘Crap Towns’ has a serious agenda.

    It’s such a pity that the original slums weren’t revamped, but Manchester seemed to be in the grip of a mania for knocking down anything that smacked of its industrial heritage. There’s a poignant YouTube clip somewhere of Morrissey revisiting the area he grew up in – all knocked down by the time he was a teenager.

  2. samjordison says:

    Just found it, I think:

    “It was like having one’s childhood wiped away.”

    That’s great thank you.

  3. Steerforth says:

    Even better than I remember – a lovely shot at the end with ‘Back to the Old House’ and Morrissey’s bashful expression, when he met his old teachers, was really touching.

    The clip neatly summed up the whole problem and left me yearning for car-free streets, with aunties and cousins dotted around the area.

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