The only thing most people know about Jarrow is that in 1936 the town’s unemployed marched to London to protest about the lack of jobs here. Nothing memorable has happened since – unless you also count the 1939 publication of local MP Ellen Wilkinson’s book “The Town That Was Murdered.” If she was writing it today, she’d have had to call it The Town That Was Murdered And Spent The Next 70-odd Years Putrefying. Although, of course, like everyone else round these parts, she probably wouldn’t have bothered.

Charlie Palmer

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One Response to Jarrow

  1. K.R Barker says:

    Worst place in North East England has to be Newcastle’s infamous Benwell. Over a third of it is boarded up,regular stabbings,kidknappings & shootings aplenty. No kids there go to school…none of them,they just spend there days smoking weed & pelting passing police cars with bits of concrete from the crumbling wrecks of some of the houses. It also gets no warmer than -6 in the summer.

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