I’d like to nominate Teddington in Middlesex. It seems to be ruled by a group of self-important middle-class mothers who are up in arms the minute anyone tries to have a bit of fun after 7pm when their little angels are in bed.


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2 Responses to Teddington

  1. Steerforth says:

    I grew up in Teddington. In those days the people were a mixture of working and lower middle class – anyone with money lived in Richmond and Kew. A few streets were so rough that the policemen were said to walk in pairs for safety.

    I remember when the first genuinely middle class people moved into our road and – to my parents’ horror – they didn’t have carpets or net curtains (“You can see right in!”).

    By the time I moved out, in my early 20s, almost everyone I’d grown up with had disappeared, Houses were being restored back to their original Victorian features and shiny new cars lined the streets. The last time I went to Teddington – a year ago – it felt completely soulless and yes, I saw some of those awful mothers. I’m not sure Teddington is a town any more, as it seemlessly merges into Hampton, Twickenham and Kingston, but it is a very dreary, overpriced suburb.

  2. Fred White says:

    Dear Steerforth…..you’re absolutely right. I’ve been living in Teddington for 22 years and now it’s stuffed to the gunwhales with corporate middle-managers with their fertile wives who appear unable to get to Starbucks without the aid of a 4×4…..Given the dosh these fools pay for a victorian semi with rising damp no wonder there’s not a single decent restaurant around here since most of hubby’s salary goes on servicing the mortgage and the school trips for the their overweaned little darlings…. No wonder all the married blokes look so bloody glum around here. Did they really leave the throb of bachelordom in Clapham for all this ? Shame.

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