Barrow In Furness

My hometown. Because it is in the middle of nowhere, nobody in the UK cares much about it. I don’t even think half the people who live there care.

Everybody is depressed and wants to leave – but the thing is, they don’t. The general atmosphere in the town is depressing and half the town needs a wrecking ball. Also, most people follow each other like sheep. It’s just the same things happen everyday- no originality. No offence but if it wasn’t for my family being there I wouldn’t stay. When I am here it makes me feel depressed and drains the enthusiasm from my life – but I have to go through it. I have spent my years here feeling generally unhappy. It feels like such a waste of life living there when there are lots of people with a lot of potential… Who try get away from here… And when they have moved away most of them have to move back for some reason.

Another thing is that the amount girls who go around looking like a 2-litre tango bottle is just annoying.


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One Response to Barrow In Furness

  1. colin carr says:

    I escaped 10 years ago and only come back 3 or 4 times a year for a day to visit family. Have to agree with you though, crap town and nothing to do for kids.

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