Worksop can be best summed up by a recommendation given to me by one of the locals. He informed me that the best thing to do on a Thursday night would be to head down to the local “Witherspoons” (apparently it has an “i” in it in these parts) as there will be lots of fights.

Here is a town with nothing to recommend it. No restaurant food other than what can be served in pubs or taken home in styrofoam, very little to do or of cultural interest. Even Starbucks have so far avoided the place –  but there is a BFC (KFC decided to give the place a wide berth so they made their own).

And what is Worksop most famous for? Why it was named the heroin capital of Europe.


[Editor’s note: Our correspondent also added the following message in her email:

“I’m getting a bit frustrated with this craze for nominating slightly posh places because they’re a bit poncy or full of tourists. A row of expensive gift shops and a child called Tarquin does not a crap town make. I believe that the nomination for Worksop goes back to the very heart and soul of the crap town ethos.”

Crap Town philosophy! Any thoughts on that would be much appreciated. As well as further feedback on Worksop. Which sounds dire.]

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