In the city centre many fine Victorian buildings have been demolished. Much
of the 1960s crap that replaced them has also gone. We have been left with a big hole in
the middle where there is nothing – except empty promises.

The destruction continues too. A fine 1930’s building, a former cinema is currently threatened with demolition to build anonymous offices. What’s the betting that it will be demolished and that the money then runs out so we are left with yet another vacant lot.

The old department stores have all gone. Many shops have closed. Many
pubs have shut.  The only things that ever open round here are pound shops and charity shops.

There are not many reasons for visiting the city centre nowadays. In fact it would be preferable to drive around the city centre on the inner ring road… If it went all the way round! There are two dead-end railway stations and there has long been an opportunity now to join the two stations through where the hole in the ground is. But, as usual, the council look for ways of not doing things.

I nearly forgot, they did do something recently..they had a pool built next to the city hall so people can go into the centre for a paddle…stone from China was used to build it!

The football team is in the bottom division and recently nearly went bust. The rugby league team is in the process of going bust. The county cricket ground has gone…

But I will stop there…I am depressing myself.

Arfa Teacake

Doom And Gloom

A once fine and confident Victorian city has been brought to its knees by years of truly incompetent planning and failed developer driven attempts at ‘regeneration’. If the planners and the politicians had left well alone Bradford might have survived and prospered. Might…

Both main parties, old Tory and old Labour hegemonies, have contributed to the mess. Recently elected George Galloway promised to shake things up, but after a few days to enjoy the publicity and get a look at the size of the problem he has lapsed into silence. Can’t blame him really, Bradford is beyond help.

Every time a national league table is published Bradford is at the wrong end of it. Congestion, segregation, school standards, derelict land, burglaries, home repossessions, crap high streets, postal vote rigging, youth (and other) unemployment, overall deprivation etc. You name it, we’re bad at it. Bradford makes national news for the wrong reasons, the Yorkshire Ripper, the Manningham Riots, Cross Bow Cannibal, George Galloway. Private Eye discusses municipal corruption and failed projects. Unfortunately, on the plus side, J B Priestly and Delius don’t count for much these days.

The future looks worse. The Council has decided to abandon the City and only develop on peripheral greenfields because nobody wants to live in Bradford . Surprise! A Detroit doughnut awaits us, but let us at least rejoice that our regenerationists have finally grasped the truth. Bradford is the pits.

Sorrow and Anger

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