Dominated by patronising attitudes from traditional politicians, Bacup claims to be one of the best preserved mill towns in Northern England, but the shoe and slipper industry died off and  only mill left is the Bacup Sock Company

Plenty of the towns shops are boarded up too. Much of the 1980s cop show Juliet Bravo was filmed here, including the frontage of the real Bacup cop shop which is now– you guessed it – boarded up. Also filmed here were many scenes  of that series about daft locals, the League of  Gentlemen.

Bacup also long claimed to have the shortest street on Britain – Elgin Street – but recently lost the title to Ebeneezer Place an even shorter street in Wick, to the fury of locals, who complained to the local press that the Scottish rival was only “a corner.”

The town’s other great claim to fame comes in the form of the Britannia   Coconutters,  black-faced Morris dancers. They beat the bounds, perform around local pubs at Easter and claim they are not racist, “just nutters”.

Tellingly, with a population of 13,000, Bacup has one independent green grocer but three tattooists
Mike North


An anagram of Bacup is Bollocks. Well, if you came from Bacup, you’d fall for that.

Michael Ashford

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