Load of Cock

Some time in the 12th Century a person unknown rode to Banbury cross on a cock horse. According to the nursery rhyme, this person went to see a “fine lady” (also unknown) who sat upon a white horse, who had rings on her fingers and toes, and who was accompanied by  “fine music” wherever she went. Variations on the story also had the first person buying some bread for a penny and an apple pie for two pennies.

Ever since, most people have wondered why such a big thing should be made of such apparently insignificant events. But then, most people haven’t experienced life in Banbury. I have – 15 long years of it – and believe me, if a stranger had relieved the tedium by riding into town, I’d also be trying to commemorate it in song.

“Lady Godiva”

Up the shitter

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross isn’t the only song to be associated with the town. Paul Francis Gadd was also born here in 1944. He went on to become Gary Glitter – internationally famous glam rock star and convicted paedophile.

John West

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